Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little Joys for Runners Only (Illustrated)

Somewhat of a repost, but this just sounded too fun to pass up.

1.  Passing someone who isn't a kid or overweight, riding a bike that isn't a mountain bike, cruiser, or comfort hybrid

2.  Feeling better in the last two miles than the first two

3.  Never having to get in shape for swimsuit season

4.  Running fast enough to notice the Doppler Effect

car alarms never sounded so good

5.  Eating all the carbs you want

6.  Being encouraged to eat all the carbs you want

7.  Instantly having at least an hour's worth of conversation when meeting other runners

me normally:

me with other runners:

8.  Farting on the run

There is no more physically relieving sensation.  None.

9.  Staying in great shape without buying a gym membership or expensive equipment

10.  Watching horror movies, thinking "I could outrun that guy"

11.  Thinking "I'm so glad I ran today" only an hour after "I really don't wanna run today"

one hour later...

I am clearly not a good artist.

More coming soon (really).  Leave your own in comments.