Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Not quite running-related, but related to one of my cooler adventures lately.

Last May, I did a six-day bike tour with my dad in Central Texas, riding town-to-town with the goal of sampling the best barbecue in the state.  Along the way, we listened to a lot of blues music.  We called it "Bikes, Blues, and Barbecues."  After getting home, I started re-writing my trip journal as a book, and a year later, it's done!

Not only done, but featured on Texas Barbecue Posse, the semi-official barbecue blog of the Dallas Morning News.  And it's available for download as an eBook on Amazon and Google Play.  You don't need a Kindle or dedicated device to read them; Amazon has free apps for any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

So if you're into biking, music, travel, food, outdoors, family, or just need a good cheap gift for Father's Day, check it out.  It's sendable as a gift and it costs less than a coffee.