Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Joys for Runners Only (Illustrated)

Continued from an older post.

12.  Being athletic enough to hold your own in a pick-up game of anything.

13.  Saving money on beer by having the tolerance of a three-year-old.

14.  Never getting hangovers because you didn't even drink much.

15.  "I have to train" is an easy excuse to get out of unappealing invitations.

16.  Never forgetting to take a shower.

This has never happened.

17.  EVERYTHING tastes good after a long run.

18.  Freaking out anyone that takes your pulse.

19.  You always know what the weather's gonna be for the next few days.

20.  You get a tan and your exercise at the same time.

Especially if you run shirtless like I do

21.  You can get excited about shoes without sounding hoity-toity.

Possibly more to come.  Leave your own in comments!