Saturday, May 4, 2013

Honk and Hiss

Shoreline Park, where I do the majority of my training runs, has a lot of Canadian geese, year-'round.  And they seem to be used to humans.  They're fearless.  Run right at them and they'll barely move.  Occasionally you'll see a few flying over the water, honking away, but most of the time, they hang out right next to the trail, if not on it, and pay no mind to their bipedal visitors.

A week or two ago, I came around a corner and didn't see a goose in some particularly high grass adjacent to the trail.  He decided to wait until I was RIGHT THERE to fly away, and for whatever reason, flew across the trail, directly in my path.  Had I not managed to take a stutter step and then hop to the side, his wings would've smacked me right in the face.  As it was, the feathers and the tips gave my hands an unintentional high-five.

A few days ago, though, a new experience.  I rounded a corner to see two geese in the trail with a couple ducklings in between them.  Neither flinched, but they both immediately turned their heads right at me, opened their beaks, and started hissing!  I didn't even know they could do that!  Lucky me, I wasn't taking that turn, and therefore did not incur the wrath of the geese.