Monday, March 11, 2013

Finding the Groove

The past few weeks have been productive.  Doing a better job of training every single day.  This past week I managed to finally break through the 60-mile barrier and added a 55-mile ride on top of that.  Now I just need to do a better job of staying on top of my strengthening exercises.

I’ve felt like I run asymmetrically for a couple months now, and I finally feel like my left leg is doing an equal amount of work, and the same goes for the right side of my core.  In general, I’m running with better form.  That isn’t translating into faster times just yet, but I think it will soon.

What’s been a little disappointing is that I haven’t been setting any personal bests.  In general, most of my runs, ever since the first marathon of the year, have been at a pace that’s 5-10 seconds slower per mile than I’d like.  Not sure why.  I think for a week or two, it was due to recovering slowly from a marathon.  And this past week, I think it’s just because my training has been so consistent.  Hard to have a “good” day when you’re never running on fresh legs.  A lot easier to run fast when, for one reason or another, you didn’t yesterday.  I’ll take two runs at a 6:35 pace over just one at a 6:25 pace.  For whatever reason, speed training seems to be excluded from this.  On speed day, I’m as fast as ever.

Had a GREAT long run this past Saturday though.  18 miles at a 6:30 pace.  Whew!  Those new shoes, I’m still happy with them.  I feel ready for LA.

I’m looking forward to the point that my body just gets used to what I’m trying to make it do.  I think I’m getting there.  If I can just hang in there and keep training every single day, including strength training, and do that consistently for a few weeks, I’ll see a significant change.  Especially if I drop a little weight in the process (no, I don’t consider myself fat, but I’m also not at race weight).  A lighter, leaner, tougher runner I will be.